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February 25, 2007


Ryan Cole

That's the main thing about affiliate marketing. You can't just copy what someone else is doing, because that person is already doing it and probably doing it better than you would. So every time a new e-course comes out, there are hundreds of newbie affiliates running the exact same promotions (usually on the same types of products), and you can bet practically none of them are going to see a profit. That's why I don't like so-called "blueprint" books, the ones that claim to give you step-by-step instructions on how to make money. Step-by-step instructions will only work in affiliate marketing if you're the ONLY person following them. That's why, when I read an e-book or get advice from some other marketer, I don't immediately set out to do exactly what I'm told. I try to figure out WHY these steps, WHY this and that, etc., and then work them into my own strategies. I've been able to glean at least one or two new strategies or modifications to old strategies from practically every e-book I've read/purchased/illegally downloaded, and I can usually see a profit within a few days to two weeks or so. (Damn learning curve.)


So you ARE seeing a profit. I'm impressed. Even the approach that I thought would work did not, at least I don't think so. I'll post more on it in next day or two.

So what do you do? Come on... your secret is safe here. Hardly anyone is reading it. If it works for one, it can work for two....

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