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February 26, 2007



Hey, I'm reading. I also think it stinks to write something and have no one read it. I'm writing a novel and some people tell me that I can get a lot from that whether it's ever published or not. But telling a story that no one ever hears, well the thought is really depressing to me.

Suzanne Bellerive

I can relate to this post in two ways (by the way, hello; first-time reader of your blog, here). When I started blogging, a-way back when it was still called online journalling, it really was in hopes that I'd get email from readers. I always enjoyed that evidence that there actually was someone out there, reading.

However, when even just a few readers took it upon themselves to give me longwinded, unasked-for, judgmental advice ... that's when I got the urge to blog in a way that was more like writing into my paper journal ... you know, where you'd write but there would never be an answer. It frees me up to be as candid as I am in my private journal, and that is what a journal should be -- at least, that's the kind I like to read and the kind I prefer to write -- without the self-editing.


Welcome first-time reader!

Hmm... I hadn't thought about the fact that the comments could be a downer. I guess that's something to register under "Be careful what you wish for." :)

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