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March 27, 2007



Focusing on one project at a time is definitely a good idea. And $5 a day sounds like a reasonable goal. Good luck, and I look forward to reading about your future projects.

Jeff Paul Internet Business

I was just looking around for material on internet marketing and stumbled on your post. Nice post. I’m still looking for materials for my research.

jeff paul forum

Internet Marketing reveals overwhelming profits , you may start with 5 bucks a day but its an ongoing approach , today these may double bringing great differences .

Digestive Enzymes

In terms of the last comment about overwhelming profits, personally, I've had better luck looking for modest payoffs. Whenever I believe a sales pitch about making big money in 30 days (or often less), it just never seems to happen and usually what happens is I've spent time trying to learn a new method and I've spent money on another ebook or tool to give me this mythical big payoff that never comes.

Joe Hernandez

I'm a proud owner of 5 Bucks a Day and can tell you whole heartily, it works.

While I haven't quite gotten the success some others have, I have been able to achieve 4 figure months, and I'm sure that will only increase.

Check out my link for a free video about taking you from 5 Bucks a day to Earning 1 K a Day.


Hmmm... I've read a ton of reviews on various topics on the web and this review with these comments posted here are all too positive to be real. There are no negatives about the product. Also, there are no misspellings and typos on any of these so-called comment posts here (in the real world, there are many).

Me thinks this might be a "pretend review" with pretend posted comments to sell this "5 Bucks a Day".

I'm leaving this comment as a test.


Yes I am also make a research about this product. There are 2 different websites which sells the same product. One website is:


And the other is:


What is the difference between?

The Jr. Might becomes from word Junior what that means?

The Junior version of the book , contains only the book and costs $7.77

The Mature version I call mature in antithesis of Junior (Jr).

The Mature version or normal version call it as you want , includes 5 bonus books and costs $27 this means 4 times of the Junior price , because you are taking 5 bonus books , which in fact you pay them in average 5 bucks each. 5x4 = 20 plus 7 for the junior version.

So far I didn't saw any people who told any negative opinion about this (Flawless) product.

The science is so avant-garde and one ebook of $7.77 could make miracles. Look the marketing trick the 3 lucky sevens what miracles can be achieved with $7.77?

I will make more research. The product is very cheap instead others which costs $97 , $197 or even $497.

I thing the worth of money for an e-book , are about 5 to 10 bucks , even if you were purchase one book , for example harry potter book , you will pay more and you will learn nothing , except to entertaining yourself.

So $7.77 are enough value of yet another ebook , and even if you drop your money you will not bemoan your money. :P

Also Junior version not tells about money back guarantee.


Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.


Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Hi, webmaster! Great blog, thanks for the information. I´m into Clickbank and well, you know, I´m asking myself a lot of these questions too....post me, if you want... regards


Hi, 5 bucks a day might be enough for you, but if not, keep reading:

I have a business that sells a blog system which comes with resell rights. We also have other products for people who want to learn more about this business, about marketing, internet marketing, selling, blogging, SEO and much more - they also come with resell rights. And it's more than 5 or 7 bucks...

In other words: 100% commissions. Interested to find out more?

I want you to ge here, and plug in your email address:

Once you do that, you will be taken to a video by my friend David Wood (you may or may not know of him) where a detailed explanation of this blog system called Empower Network that pays 100% commissions is provided.

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