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March 05, 2007



One comment I'll make is having read your blog a bit and I popped over to your squidoo lens -- you write well. I'm not sure whether that means you try blogging for $$ or whether any of your "more substantial business ideas" involve writing. BUT.... I don't think you should be wasting time filling out online surveys, if that's what you are thinking of.


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Ryan Cole

I hear you. All I've ever been after is a little extra scratch. I don't want to make my living with IM. In fact, I'm starting to hate it. I know I could probably make a full-time wage doing this, but I have things I'd rather do even if I make less money doing them... just because they're what I'd probably be doing even if I weren't getting paid for it. If that makes sense.

Basically, I think you should do what makes you happy. I'm chalking my Internet marketing experience up to education that may come in useful someday, but right now I've got things I enjoy doing that people are willing to pay me for... so F this IM stuff!



You must have had a lot more success than I've had since you say you could probably make a full-time wage (I know I couldn't, I'm lucky to be in the black at all). But you are right that it does not sound like you are having much fun with it, at least not at the moment.

I do think there are skills and lessons to be learned from internet marketing. The crafting of a good headline, gaining trust or believability, generating traffic. All may come in handy.

And of course the lesson that while get-rich-quick-schemes (and dreams) are launched every minute, you really are NOT going to get rich QUICK! If you're lucky, no make that, if you are skilled, you get a bit of extra cash.

So go have some fun using that 'extra scratch' on something more meaningful to you.

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