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September 24, 2007


Make Free Ebook Covers

The one way that I disagree with you is that you can learn something from having tried the system and failing, if it is only that such-and-such a method doesn't work for you. I guess you should look at what else would you be doing with your time? Like, if you have another way of making money, and you bought some new system that said it would make you a millionaire overnight and you got nothing out of it -- then you lost out. But if you are still searching to make money online and haven't found the answer yet, then trying one system out of another and getting your money back if they don't work, well it's not all bad.

Make Free Ebook Covers

P.S. (to my earlier post) Sorry, more thoughts -- I guess I think that usually even if you don't make money, you do learn SOMETHING. Like I bought and asked for my mooney back on Affiliate X, or Project Affiliate X, whatever it was called, but I did learn something about how to make affiliate sales. It didn't work enough for me to pay the Adwords bill, but.... I did learn enough that my blogs or Squidoo lenses are more effective at pre-selling customers.

Ethan Christ

I would have to say that I agree with you. Nothing in this world is as it seems. This world doesn't care about your problems, or your success. All this world cares about is your money. Scam websites are a prime example. You read all of the hype, sometimes it makes you want to read more, so you pay $37 for an e-book, and you read it, and you find out, there's actually no useful information and you just wasted your money. And sometimes, getting your money back is more trouble than just letting $37 go down the drain.

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