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November 06, 2007


Anne Reilly


Would you mind telling us specifically what you expected from our salesletter that was not delivered in the course? We appreciate your feedback.

Warm regards,

Anne Reilly
Personal Assistant to Mark Joyner


I got a lot out of the 7-Day Business Turnaround, but what I didn't get was the basic premise that in 7 Days of following the course, that I could generate 2 months of business operating expenses.

I did come up with additional ideas for generating income, which is good and improved several internet marketing skills. And one of my ideas that had appeared a total dud, just had some sales trickle in this week. But I fell way short of the two months of operating expense.

I saw a post on Warrior's Forum the other day about why so many people leave Internet Marketing so frustrated and the gist of it was that too many of the gurus try to teach people to run who haven't learned to walk and when you try to run when you can't walk, you end up face-first in the dirt. I think that might be true of Mark's 7-Day Business Turnaround. For people, such as the example is repeatedly given of Kristi Sayles, who are already earning at least a few hundred dollars of income each month online, and have some number of customers, then following the 7-Day Business Turnaround may very well produce the desired results. But... if the course is taken by someone who has had almost no online success so far, then I think it is MUCH harder to become THAT successful in 7 Days.

A more minor point, the suggestion is made that if you haven't achieved your goal, to repeat the course. I did that to some extent, but.... the forum participation at that point really had tailed off and therefore one's odds of success go down as you can no longer get feedback on sales pages, etc.

Again, the course offers quite a bit, BUT... the offer that it made (as I remember it, I could be wrong) -- 2 months operating expenses following 7 days of intense work, didn't come to fruition for me. Believe me, I'd be happier to say that I HAD achieved that goal.

I am impressed that you spotted this post AND followed up. This is hardly the most widely-read blog:)

Anne Reilly

Your comments make total sense and we respect that. As with any kind of business building program, there are too many variables to create something that works for absolutely every person. That’s why we make access to the course so easy (7 days free trial) and have a very generous (60 days) refund policy. Our feeling is that anyone who goes through the course will most certainly benefit if they follow the instructions. At the very least, you’ll understand the mechanics of what makes money – the Cash Injection Missions are in fact the precise things you need to do – it’s impossible to make money without each of those steps, in fact. So, if someone comes in, follows our advice, and falls short of the two-month operating expenses target, we’re happy to refund them (or for any reason for that matter). Finally, we do state that the course is intended specifically for established businesses, but if someone is a newbie – some newbies can get results, too. As for the forum, if you’re not getting the response you need, you can always contact our help desk and we’ll make sure you get help.


Hmm... I remembered the 7 Days Free Trial and guess I missed that there was still a refund possible after that. It's a moot point now (since this was several months ago), and I don't think I would have actually considered it an item to ask for a refund for, since I normally would only do that if an item definitely did not work for me. The 7 Day Turnaround Course didn't quite deliver what I hoped, but it did "work" on some level by injecting my business with some new directions, tips, resources, etc.

I will say, and you (Anne Reilly) are a good example, that the customer service is top-notch at Mark's sites.

As for the sales letter stating the course is for established businesses. It probably does say that, but the giant font that I noticed when I checked it out a couple days ago said something to the effect of "Everything You Need to Turn Your Business Around" and not "Everything You Need to Turn An Established Business Around"-- and there are new businesses that haven't really gotten off the ground yet, that do need turning around, lest they crash on takeoff.

Not the one I'm involved in any more. We are tooling down the runway, clear for takeoff...... Vrrrrr....... (plane engine sound)...

p.s. Thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting. Always nice to know folks are reading!!

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