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June 16, 2010


Bill Ortell

Thanks for your post, and gracious words!

We're pretty jazzed about RAP Bank's List-N-Earn module as well! And, so far... innumerable members, like yourself, have also told us so... thru emails, skypes, and posts!

Great post and explanation!

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I agree, clickbank is overpricing, it's best stil to go for RAPbank.


internet money is a scam,nobody pay u for ur work,they make fool to us,

flyingcows digital blogger

Personally I think that clickbank is a very good source for information aside from their higher charges, it is especially good for people who are newbiews to seek information there because they have so many digital products, however due to the fact that most people are newbies and the nature of them seeking for information, and it is a good source of money and so some bad people becomes bad juju on clickbank.

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Thanks so much for this explanation. I wasted the better part of the afternoon trying to understand the connection between RAPBank and rapid action profits. This is a nice ethical blog. We should connect some time!


Thanks for the information. I haven't really had time to check it out. I signed up for Rapbank, but I have been too busy to check it out. Seems easy enough, so I think I better give it some of my time. Thanks for the explanation. I'm looking forward to see your results from Internet Marketing Gone Wild. I will be checking out how it goes for you.

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Thanks for your article. Now I have reason to sign up to RAPbank.

Henry Bolden

Appreciate this post,very informative. I've been looking for an alternative to Clickbank and now I have one. Besides the pricing on clickbank,it's really competitive.


Hi, webmaster! Great blog, thanks for the information, didn´t know about RapBank at all. I´m into Clickbank too and am looking around for some fresh ideas. You can post me, if you want... regards

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